The Overall ‘EPC’ Service

Initial consultation, including reason for EPC, estimated total floor area, building(s) description, access, timelines and availability.

Detailed site survey arranged by appointment.

Accredited software assessment based on a walkover site survey; calculation, quality check and lodgement of EPC, including an informative recommendations report.

MEES recommendation service provided for initial non-compliance cases; collaborative work for compliance and exemptions.

The Overall ‘DEC’ Service

Initial consultation, including reason for DEC(s) and any previous compliance certificates.

Audit of 12-month energy consumption, usually based on metered energy readings for electricity and natural gas, as well as readings for other fuels.

A pre-site survey questionnaire for initial completion by building services manager and/or  those person(s) suitably knowledgeable with the site building(s), along with further discussion upon site building(s) inspection and visual survey.

A detailed, site-walkover, energy-efficiency survey/inspection, arranged by appointment.

Software assessment, calculation, quality check and finalisation of draft DEC, including a recommendations report for improving energy conservation.

Lodgement of the resultant display energy certificate with an accurately assessed energy efficiency rating (‘A’-‘G’, based on a benchmark building/s or composite building/s, which have similar critical characteristics).

Part L2 Compliance

Initial consultation including detailed specifications for new/proposed building(s), including intended purpose(s), floor plans, lighting, HVAC, and constructions including glazing and geometrical detail.

Software assessment, similar to EPC but using ‘BRUKL’ interface; calculation and quality check.

Iterations to software model involving individual modifications to design specification (each iteration saved with a unique file name for comparison).

Continuous consultation with client regarding any modifications in order to achieve desired outcomes, critically the target emission rating (TER).

Indicative and/or ‘As Built’ EPC upon completion of building if requested.

Customised Energy Efficiency Survey

Available upon free initial consultation.

An example survey may include:

Estimated or accurate energy audit based on indicative DEC survey and/or EPC.

Corresponding greenhouse gas emissions.

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